Senior Account Executive

Foundry512 Account Executives (AE) work to cultivate, grow and support a client’s business ventures and brand goals with the agency throughout the course of campaigns and projects. As the brand’s voice within the team, they support and bolster the day-to-day agency efforts on the client’s initiatives. This role works every day to make to preserve and expand agency relationships with clients. AE’s have deep experience and knowledge of a client’s industry, and an extensive network to generate new opportunities for the agency. The candidate chosen for the AE role should make sure that the agency provides the following:

  • Top-tier expertise in marketing analysis, design, and development.
  • Original and inventive performance in completing tasks on schedule.
  • Consistently rises to coordinate and distribute an ideal and compelling product or experience.

AEs earn a base salary plus commission on new and recurring business. Salary is also commensurate with experience and strength of network.

The Requirements.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Public Relations. It can be complemented or replaced by deep knowledge of the client’s industry and previous experience in a similar or related role.
  • 4 Years of Experience (Minimum) of account organization and management in digital, production, and creative ventures.
  • A bolstering commitment for ingenious and creative business and marketing results and exemplification.
  • Comfortable in planning and executing campaigns on multiple channels and platforms.
  • Well-versed knowledge of digital and traditional advertising.
  • Experience in Integrated marketing is preferred.
  • A second nature in giving astounding client-facing experiences.
  • A highly self-motivated individual who is willing to continually learn and expand the knowledge of the team with excellent self-managing abilities on assigned projects for teams.

.  The AE will have direct client contact with assigned agency clients.

Responsibilities and Duties.

Marketing & Sales

  • Thrives in finding new business possibilities by networking both online and offline.
  • Lead and prioritize new business proposals as they are assigned.
  • Facilitate and manage phone calls for new leads for the team.
  • Collaborate in the design and leading of presentations and meetings.
  • Add value and quality by finding new opportunities in business and client relations.
  • Invoice chasing as needed, and the skill and mindset to escalate items appropriately.

Planning, Analyzing, Evaluating

  • Create accurate budgets, collaborate to determine project scope, writing and overseeing proposals, and establishing timelines that are realistic and attainable for the team.
  • Actively participates in creating the strategies and formulation of marketing recommendations with the Account Director and Creative Director for the client.
  • Actively reviews and ensures that the objectives are met for the client in the following areas: media output, creative output, research reports, and client data.
  • Consistently keep the client informed of any platform or business updates to help in explaining and reacting to opportunities or threats to their business.

Team Leading, Coordinating, Managing

  • Spearhead the agency’s direction on behalf of the client and help in preparing all work requests and client briefs.
  • Facilitates the activity for all budget, research, and production needs on accounts that have been assigned and maintains seamless client communication.
  • Actively communicates with the appropriate agency staff to help create an optimistic and positive work environment.
  • Enjoys helping clients by educating them and learning their specific goals and expectations.
  • Maintain accurate campaign/project status updates and reports daily by monitoring and updating project constraints (schedule/scope/resources).
  • Monitors internal systems to safeguard and guarantee the highest team productivity.

Campaign, Project, & Product Management

  • Handle and maintain client campaigns/projects from beginning to end, ensuring all deadlines are met or completed before the timeline.
  • Manage and maintain campaign/project aspects such as positioning development, marketing plans, manufacturing or development needs, timeline and roadmap planning, stats analysis and accurate reporting.
  • Clear and concise sourcing of assets from clients and other agencies.

Helpful Background.

We seeking AEs with established experience and networks within the public and private healthcare space. Experience working for medium and large-sized agency processes is also extremely helpful.

  • This position has been filled